We help you move forward

We are a full-service business strategy, branding & marketing agency - made up of experts, creatives, and visionists of different kinds. We invest our business and creative talent in startups.


The [RE]Concept is a call to individuals, brands, products, companies and organizations to do it again. It is an invitation to change, refine and optimize something.

We are a growth solution

for our clients.

We live in a business oriented and brand centric world. In order to create long-term resonance in a market of constant change and competitiveness we promote to ‘Shift’ the ‘Now’ by applying our [RE] Services.

We believe in partnership for expansion and offer integral advisory opportunities for improvement by implementing refined creative methods and contentful business strategies.

  • Branding
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design
  • Art Direction
  • Digital Media
  • Visual Identity
  • Naming System
  • Brand Positioning
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Social Media
  • Communications
  • Campaigns
  • Media / PR
  • Activations & PopUps
  • Business Strategy
  • Challenge Definitions
  • Startups
  • Partnerships
  • Growth Planning
  • Market Assessment
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Future Trends

To do it again.

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